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As with most websites, Winkels Lawyers uses cookies for this website to function properly and to be able to offer you a satisfactory and more personalised experience. This policy explains what cookies are, what cookies we use and how you can manage and delete them.

a. What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small harmless text file that is downloaded and stored on the user’s computer when they browse and use the features of a website. Cookies allow websites to function properly, they provide insight as to how a website is used, they collect usage statistics, allow user preferences to be remembered or show users the most relevant content for them.

Most browsers installed on devices accept the use of cookies automatically, however, you can choose whether to accept cookies by changing your browser settings, although, as with most websites, if you disable cookies some features will not be available or the website may not function properly.

b. What cookies do we use?

The different types of cookies that may be used on this website are listed below.

Preference cookies. Performance cookies collect information on your preferences, allowing us to remember your choices and personalise your browsing experience.

Cookie name Description
Cookieinfo-WinkelsAbogados This cookie collects your consent to the use of cookies on this website, deactivating the lower information bar. It expires after 90 days.

Performance cookies. Performance cookies collect information on your use of this website, enabling us to improve the content and functionality and thereby assess our website’s effectiveness. For example, analytic cookies show us which are the most visited web pages, the duration of the visits, the most searched keywords and what other platform visits come from etc. The information that these cookies contain is anonymous and does not contain any personal user information.

Cookie name Description
_ga This Google Analytics cookie is used to uniquely distinguish users in an anonymous way. This cookie allows data to be stored to determine the domain to be measured, to distinguish unique users, remember the number and duration of previous visits, remember traffic source information, determine the start and end of a session and remember the value of the visitor’s personalised variables. It expires after 2 years.
_gat This Google Analytics cookie is used to differentiate between the different tracking objects created in the session. It expires after 10 minutes.


You can disable or delete any kind of cookie through your browser settings, either individually for a particular kind of cookie, or generally for all cookies. To do this, consult your browser’s preferences or Help section and follow the steps given.

Links to helpful information explaining how to manage and delete the cookies stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone for the most common browsers is given below.

Desktop browsers

Internet Explorer

Tablets & Smartphones

Chrome for Android

Date of last revision: 31/07/2019